For Spa/Salon Owners

As a spa owner or manager, how do you know what to look for in an eyelash technician?

Usually one would say that they are certified from a credible eyelash extension program, and maybe that they have some experience. Here is the problem we are seeing with this: most eyelash extension programs only have a 2-day training class, even for certification, and they are sent on their way to get to work on your customers’ lashes. Did you know that most eyelash technicians need at least a year of practice to be at a point that they are delivering completely damage-free full applications in a reasonable amount of time? Certified or Uncertified.

Most states have absolutely no regulation on how much training an eyelash technician needs to be certified.

What does this mean? It means that most spas are employing eyelash techs that are applying damaging sets of eyelash extensions on their customers. After a number of fills, clients are left with very little or no natural eyelashes left at all. This is a very serious problem that is not only ruining the reputation of your salon, but the industry of Eyelash Extensions as a whole. This is why we created the ADFEE Damage-Free certification.

Salons and Spas now have a way of knowing they are hiring a highly qualified eyelash technician that will deliver beautiful results in your clients’ eyes and keep them comming back for more.

Require that your lash techs are Damage-Free certified. And don’t settle for any less.

We will come right to your spa and meet with your eyelash technicians and prepare them for a one-on-one practical exam, ensuring that they are delivering clean applications of eyelash extensions — NO sticking, NO clumps, NO complaints!

Call the ADFEE today and schedule a Damage-Free Pre-exam with a certified ADFEE exam proctor.

When your lash technicians are certified, they will recieve a damage-free certification, a downloadable seal for your website (representing examined stylists only), and a listing on our Damage-Free Stylists Drirectory featuring YOUR spa/salon!

With the Damage-Free Directory, people know exactly where to look for the perfect lash technician! Call for a FREE consultation! 224-419-LASH (5274). Download our brochure.

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