Become Damage-Free® Certified

What is a Damage-Free® Certification?

A certification in which Eyelash Technicians must complete a Pass/Fail practical one-on-one exam with an ADFEE Certified® proctor. The technician must complete a full set of eyelash extensions. Upon completion, the proctor will inspect each and every eyelash and eyelash extension to make sure the application meets every one of the ADFEE standards. If all standards are met, the ET will receive a Damage-Free® Certification and also a downloadable seal for their business website. They will also be listed as a Certified Damage-Free® Eyelash Technician on the Damage-Free® Directory on the ADFEE website.

Value of Damage-Free® Certification

As a Lash Technician, becoming Damage-Free® Certified is the best career move you can make, you are the best of the best!
Imagine your website home page featuring this seal that will instantly tell your prospective clients that you are guaranteed NOT to damage their lashes! It is a symbol of trust, a necessary element in building a clientele.

You receive:

  • Recognition by a third party that you deliver the best quality of eyelash extensions available
  • Professional reputation
  • Increased credibility
  • Commitment to the highest standards in the industry
  • Free listing on the Damage-Free® Directory where potential clients search for Damage-Free® Technicians. A Damage-Free® Stylist downloadable version of our seal is also issued so that your website visitors can instantly identify your business as top-notch in the industry.
  • Ability to increase your prices and expand your income.
  • Give your current clients a piece of mind, knowing that they are right where they should be.
Steps To Become Damage Free certified
  • Go to the Exam’s Proctor’s page to find the nearest Proctor that administers the damage free certification exam.
  • Click the Pay Now button and purchase your certification exam.
  • You will automatically receive the two hour preparation exam.  Watch the entire video.  Once you feel that you can meet the exam standards, schedule a certification exam with the designated proctor. (Proctor will contact you.)You only need to meet the 6 standards; the additional techniques shown in the video are optional.
  • Once a exam date has been established, you must show up to the designated proctor location. Take the 2 hour certification exam.  If the exam is passed, you will receive a directory listing within 2 weeks after your exam date along with the Damage-Free Certification seal, which should be posted on your website.
  • Your framable hard copy certification will be mailed to you within 4 weeks.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you may reschedule at a later time and you will receive a 50% credit toward the exam price.
Exam Requirements for Passing

1) Student must complete 2-hour full set application of at least 60 eyelashes per eye.
2) Each eyelash extensions must be placed at least 1 mm from the eyelid.
3) The maximum weight used for eyelash extensions is .15.
4) Each eyelash extension is completely dry and separate from any other lashes or eyelash extension.
5) There must not be ONE eyelash/extensions stuck to another eyelash/extension. There are no exceptions to this. Each and every eyelash/extension must be checked thoroughly by the student BEFORE final assessment is given.
6) Each eyelash extensions used is no more than twice the length of the natural lash that it is placed on.

Please do not attempt to take this exam unless you are 100% sure that you can meet these requirements. The price of the examination preparation and the exam will not be refunded if the exam is not passed.

The typical schedule is as follows:

(9 am – 10am) Introduction to ADFEE®
(10am-11am) Products that aid in Damage-Free® work
(11am-1pm) Demonstration on application of Damage-Free® eyelash extensions
(1pm-2pm) Lunch
(2pm-3pm) Preparation and set up – Q and A before the exam
(3pm to 4pm) Damage-Free® Certification practical exam
(4pm to 5pm) Assessment Pass/Fail

If your exam is successfully passed you will receive:
  • Certified Damage-Free® Seal (paper version and downloadable version)
  • Free Certified Damage Free Stylist Listing

Click here to find your nearest Exam Proctor.