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The Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions® is an independent, third party association with a certifying body, comprised of a Founder, President, and a board of exam proctors (certified damage-free® lash stylists that have been designated as a examiners for the damage-free® certification exam).

We are a network of eyelash extension technicians, not a school, that creates a divide in the eyelash extension industry by examining and deciphering damage-free® vs. damaging eyelash extensions. This is done through a one-on-one thorough exam that upholds the 6 standards illustrated in the Damage-Free Preparation video.

Our Mission:
To protect and grow the eyelash extensions industry by upholding best practices in delivering the safest and most sanitary applications to consumers through the damage-free® certification program and Damage-Free® Stylist directory, and to support legislation of higher standards of education and licensure.

Lisa Sbargia, Founder of ADFEE

lisasbragiaLisa Sbragia is a certified Lash technician and the owner of Fluff Lash Boutique in Libertyville, IL. She began doing eyelash extensions in 2009 after attending a lash training academy. Feeling that her education lacked sufficient practice time and personal attention, she continued her education in advanced training held through private trainers in a one-on-one setting.  Determined to offer high quality lash services in her area, she never gave up on perfecting her technique until she felt it was impeccable and flawless.

Working in a busy salon with another lash technician, Lisa was seeing an overflow of clients that had gotten their initial set of eyelash extensions from other service providers in the area. She was shocked that nearly 100% of these clients were given eyelash extensions that were damaging their natural lashes; sticking together, and gnarled together in clumps of twisted lashes. Lisa spent several hours meticulously and safely removing clumps of adhesive.  Knowing the eye pain and swelling that these women had suffered, the money and time that they had wasted, and the now nearly bald lash-line they temporarily had to bear, Lisa developed a passion for repairing damaged eyelashes. Lisa began to specialize in lash regrowth and repair and offered a new set of beautiful and safe eyelash extensions. Clients could see and feel the difference, and encouraged Lisa to tell the world about properly applied eyelash extensions. Inspired by her clients’ enthusiasm, she created the Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions® in 2012. In efforts to internationally unite lash artists as designated Damage-Free® eyelash technicians through the Damage-Free® Certified Stylist directory, consumers could finally have a way to receive safely applied eyelash extensions.


Lisa has held diverse positions and obtained degrees that continue to enhance her current business endeavors. She began her journey as a licensed massage therapist in 1997, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2004 and certification in clinical hypnotherapy. She developed a passion for teaching and higher education and received a Master’s degree in Education in 2007. She was hired as the director and program coordinator of a massage therapy school, as well as an instructor of massage therapy and anatomy and physiology. She became the curriculum accreditation specialist for another massage school, working with the board of education to meet state standards. Lisa’s career had seemed to be progressively growing with a bright future ahead of her.

The fall of the economy in 2010 left Lisa in a common unfortunate and dire situation. When her position was eliminated like so many other Americans, Lisa had seen her hard work and dreams crumble right before her eyes.  Miraculously and thankfully, the eyelash extension industry found its way into Lisa’s life, and gave her a way to build a future for her and her son, out of her home, one client at a time.

Lashing soon became Lisa’s “bread and butter” and was solely relying on this industry to grow in order to survive.

As soon as the media caught hold of the dangers of improperly applied eyelash extensions, the lash industry started to develop a negative reputation as generally unsafe and posing “health risk” see video clip – watch ADFEE defending the industry of eyelash extensions on Good Morning America).

Through the creation of The Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions®, Lisa knew it was time to make a move to give back what the industry was giving her – A fighting chance.

Lois Rosendale, LE, President of ADFEE

Lois RosendaleLois was born an artist. Her love of make-up grew into an eye for esthetics. She studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and is a graduate of the International School of Skin and Nail Care & Massage Therapy in Atlanta, GA.  After living 17 years in Atlanta, she moved to Augusta, GA to be with her family and start her eyelash extension business, The Lash Extension.  www.TheLsshExtension.com

Lois is a licensed Esthetician. Since 2003, she has worked at a handful of upscale day spas and found a love for lash extensions through one of her close friends.

Lois began her lash journey by training in January of 2012.  She then apprenticed with Atlanta’s premier leader in eyelash extension services for over a year.  With the encouragement of her clients Lois began her own esthetics and eyelash extension business, The Lash Extension.

After extensive training, in June 2013, Lois became certified as an Eyelash Extension Stylist.  Lois demonstrated her ability to create a proper frame for customizing lash designs; seamlessly applied lash extensions; and upheld safety, sanitation and application techniques to yield beautiful and lasting eyelash extension results.

In September 2013, Lois trained and became certified as a Top Lash Stylist in the Advanced Technique of Volume Eyelash Extensions from the Lash & Brow Design Academy (of Moscow, Russia) from Irina Levchuk, President and innovator of the 3D Volume “Hollywood Eyelash Extension” technique.

There is a BIG difference between properly and improperly applied eyelash extensions.  To increase consumer confidence and to help other Lash Stylists in the industry, Lois became certified with ADFEE (Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions) as an Exam Proctor and Master Eyelash Stylist.   Lois is honored to be the first Master Esthetician/Master Eyelash Stylist in the State of Georgia to hold this respected certification.

We are an association of eyelash technicians dedicated to protecting of the industry and reputation of eyelash extensions. Improperly applied eyelash extensions can be very damaging to the natural lashes, whereas properly applied eyelash extensions will not.

We are not affiliated with any eyelash extensions training or beauty school. We are an independent association of advanced lash technicians who are passionate about proper application and delivering the highest ethical standards in the industry of Eyelash Extensions.

Why Do We Need an Association?
  • Health and Safety. First and foremost, the eye and eyelash health of consumers is our number one concern. The whistle must be blown on damaging work in this industry. Lash loss, irritation, and infection are a frightening reality for the unsuspecting consumer. The Association will keep everyone up to date on research and tips in sanitization and the safety of products, especially adhesives used around the eyes.
  • Non-regulation. Most states have no licensing requirements for Eyelash Extension Application. This means lash stylists can get certified online or in a weekend class course, lacking experience and creating damage in clients’ natural lashes, often without even knowing it.
  • Inconsistency. The schools separate us. It seems that every Eyelash Extension training program out there has a different adhesive and a different application technique. It’s time we come together as one unified group of passionate individuals who support the success of one another, share our techniques and compare products that we feel work best.
  • Negative Media Coverage. Lately, Eyelash Extensions have been deemed as dangerous and unsafe by the mass media. This requires counteraction immediately by correcting the industry and re-training lash stylists the only way—the right way.
  • Protection. It’s frightening to think the industry could decline because of consumer hesitancy. Many of us rely on doing eyelash extensions to help support

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